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The Dangerous Side-Effects of Artificial Flavoring

By PureGreens Nutrition

When food came directly from natural sources, we consumed it to provide nourishment for our bodies. It satisfied our hunger after a long day of work, or healed us when we became ill.

Today, the landscape for nutrition has changed and our overall mental and physical health seem to have changed along with it.

There are more than 3,000 known artificial flavors that have been approved for use by the FDA. In an article titled, "Side Effects of Artificial Flavoring" the author writes...

Artificial Flavoring is known to cause many problems including: nervous system depression, dizziness, chest pain, headaches, fatigue, allergies, brain damage, seizures, nausea, and much more. Some of the popular flavorings can also cause genetic defects, tumors, bladder cancer, and many other types of cancers."1

Here's the problem with these agents. Virtually none of them have been thoroughly studied...

Been suffering through bouts of deep depression, hostility, fatigue, and confusion?

It could be due to the severe nutritional deficits found in our standard American diets, and the possibility that proper nutrition isn't being delivered to your brain.

Some authorities report that there are no connections between artificial food dyes and chronic disease.

However, according to the FDA, anecdotal results don't provide enough conclusiveness to deter the use of food dyes in our diets.

In fact, when these anecdotal reports reached what some would consider epidemic proportions, the neurotoxic effects were still dismissed.

The Power of "Big Food"

The food industry is so powerful... It's estimated that retail and food service sales top $5.32 trillion alone in the U.S.2

As a matter of fact, it's so lucrative entire school districts are clinging on to the action, by allowing fast food chains, junk food vending machines and soft drink dispensers into their buildings. It's all part of the grand marketing schemes developed by greedy food corporations.

One might conclude that the FDA, food industry, and school district start working in cahoots to cripple us mentally at an early age. Is there any wonder why mental disorders have been sharply on the rise over the last few decades?

Mental disorders like depression, fatigue, ADHD, anxiety attacks, seizures, mental confusion all have one thing in common - inflammation as the underlying issue.

But... what can we do?

Fortunately, there's been breakthrough research regarding reversing the underlying inflammation which could lead to people improving the overall quality of their mental well-being.

At this point, you have two options if you're looking to preserve or improve your own mental health.

You can hope that scientific research and the FDA, and food manufacturers come to a consensus about applying more stringent regulations when it comes to our diets.


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