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The Strange Reason Why Aging Billionaires are Injecting Young Blood into their Bodies

By PureGreens Nutrition

Today's tech billionaires have conquered their industries and are now on a mission to "fix" aging. Their ideas for turning back the aging clock are more imaginative than most sci-fi movies. Yet their breakthroughs are making longevity solutions more affordable for us to use at home.

After amassing a fleet of sports cars, buying a Beverly Hills mansion and having a cash vault large enough to swim in, what's left to spend money on? Halting the aging process it seems.

To Silicon Valley's wealthy elite, aging isn't a fact of life. It's a "medical problem" to be solved.

As entrepreneur Arram Sabeti says,

"The proposition that we can live forever is obvious. It doesn't violate the laws of physics, so we can achieve it."
- CEO of Zerocater, Arram Sabeti

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The Race for the First 130 Year Old Human is On

With more money in the bank than many countries' GDP, today's tech billionaires believe they have the resources to overcome the laws of nature. And they're investing in projects that get more outlandish by the day.

Some of their human longevity projects include:

  • A $1m prize for scientists to "hack the code of life" and push human lifespan past 120 years
  • Google's California Life Company (Calico) which aims to reverse engineer the biology that controls lifespan
  • The Human Longevity Inc. is cataloging the genetic code of 1 million people to find the strings that could be ravelled together to prevent aging
  • A 74-year-old fashion mogul, Peter Nygard, who gets injections of his own stem cells

These projects all sound straight out of Blade Runner. Yet the most bizarre of them all comes directly from the pages of Dracula...

Aging Billionaires Feed on the Blood of the Young

Jesse Karmazin, a Stanford trained physician, was fascinated by 'parabiosis' experiments in the 1950s. These involved the blood of young mice being injected into older mice. And scientists were amazed at how it seemed to reverse the aging clock.

Since then multiple parabiosis studies have been done on humans. And these also found that young blood can boost the energy, reduce the risk of disease and improve the health of every major organ in the body.

Based on the success of the parabiosis experiments, Karmazin launched "Ambrosia" to offer blood transfusions from young adults to aging billionaires for $8,000 a time.

Despite the high price, aging billionaires have been queuing up to take part. Yet there's another solution for aging seniors that anyone can afford...

Human Longevity Science Becomes Affordable for Everyone

While few people can afford $8,000 blood transfusions or stem cell implants, longevity solutions are fast becoming affordable for seniors to use at home.

In a special presentation, health researcher Samuel Grenville reveals how a breakthrough in microbiology has led to the development of a protocol that can cleanse the blood of toxic proteins and rejuvenate the body.

In his short video, Grenville also reveals:

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  • How this breakthrough protocol "smart killed" cancer cells in a woman’s body so she became cancer free
  • How detoxifying your body of unstable molecules can improve your liver, cleanse the kidneys, purify the blood, boost memory and fight depression

For those aged over 50 and are suffering from low energy, muscle weakness, problems concentrating on tasks and worsening memory, the solution revealed in this video may help reverse their age related decline:

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